Aiming to Be the Best


To bring together like-minded women in business and corporate spaces with a focus on networking, building lasting relationships, and receiving input and advice from  group members.


Vision & Goals


We aim to be the leading women’s networking group in the City of Richmond. There are multiple networking groups in the city, but none will be quite of this caliber.


Our vision is to empower women at all levels through social engagement to express their natural abilities and promote acceleration as leaders of their workplaces, businesses, and communities.

Meet The Team

Hello Ladies !

Ebony Campbell

Hi Savvy Women! I’m Ebony. I am a native of Tappahannock, VA and currently reside in Richmond, VA. My career is in the corporate space and I am also a real estate investor. Since graduating college, my journey has included finding a love for photography, fitness, and investing, as well as briefly operating in the restaurant industry and non-profit space. My path has led me to a creative partnership with Keoshoa in co-founding Savvy Women in Business. We are excited to bring together entrepreneurial women, women in corporate spaces, and those of like minds to partner, network, and share ideas and resources.

Savvy Women in Business
Savvy Women in Business
Hi Ladies !

I’m Keoshoa Gordon

I’m Keoshoa Gordon, a realtor with Shaheen, Ruth, Martin & Fonville, here in Richmond. I moved to Richmond 10 years ago from Memphis, TN. Here in Richmond, I met my wonderful husband, made countless connections and grew the career of my dreams. Although I have many business connections, I lacked like minded friendships, which is why Savvy Women in Business was birthed. Ebony and I had a vision to bring leaders together to build lasting relationships and friendships. We want to create a space for us to grow together, for us to help each other and have plenty of fun along the way.

Together, We Conquer !

Out of 5

Best Community for Future Leaders

I adore the sense of accomplishment I have when offering advice to other women and connecting them with seasoned experts across a range of professions.

Iris Reichel